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Thread: Abandoned Conductors - Again

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    Abandoned Conductors - Again

    First, I've searched the old threads on this one. We had a notoriusly difficult inspector fault us for not removing an abandoned power feed. It was an ancient underground feed to a garage that was torn down. The conductors were cut back to the conduit in the disconnect in the adjacent house.

    The inspector's quote was that they "need to be tagged for future or removed." He inisisted that we cut the conduit at the foundation where they enter the house.

    I inquired about the code and he indicated that it "was finally added in 2005"

    I'm familiar with the low voltage removal requirements, etc. but non for power conductors.

    Also, do you need a permit to disconnect a feed?

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    Power conductors can be left without tagging and simply abandoned in place. Ask him for a code section that requires this. He won't find one. Regarding the permit, I'm unsure if this would require a permit. My first question would be why would it require one?


    All responses based on the 2014 NEC unless otherwise noted

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    Is it possible this is a part of the local property maintenance code adopted by the jurisdiction? Trevor is correct that this is not an NEC requirement.
    Bryan P. Holland, MCP
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    If they are copper I'm sure you can get someone to pull them for you for free!

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    You need to check ALL codes.

    The following appears in NFPA 1, Chapter 11, paragraph 11.1.4:

    "Permanent wiring abandoned in place shall be tagged or otherwise identified at its terminations and junction points as " Abandoned in Place" or removed from all accessible areas and insulated from contact with other live electrical wiring or devices."

    Why isn't this exact paragraph in the NEC, Article 300?

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