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Thread: Permiited location for fire alarm control panel

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    Permiited location for fire alarm control panel

    Does anyone know if it is permissable or not to locate a fire alarm control panel in a fire pump room?

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    That is almost always a question for the AHJ. I recently had an inspector insist that a panel be mounted on the wall across from the secretary's desk. That way it would be monitored. On the other hand, a sprinkler monitoring panel was allowed to be mounted in the sprinkler riser room.

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    In the past year, we have installed 9 fire pumps and controllers, in 5 different jurisdictions. We could mount the FACP in the control room or in other locations appropriate for the panel.
    When you submit to the local AHJ, point out the FACP in the pump control room. If he has a problem with it, he will likely point it out to you.

    good luck

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    It depends on the AHJ. An FACP installed in a fire pump room is a potential service call. Its only a matter of time when it gets wet.. ehehehehe
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    In my humble experience, the Fire Dept wants to see what's going on immediately upon entering the building during an alarm. The FACP can be located almost anywhere, IF you put a remote annunciator near the building main entrance.

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    Make sure the space has a temperature control (HVAC/heat). If the space doesn't, then you will have to bring in conditioned air to the FACP. I have several installations with a FACP in a 1' foot deep , 3' foot wide room with flex duct serving it for temp control on the FACP.
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