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Thread: Small Appliance branch ckt's Article 210

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    Question Small Appliance branch ckt's Article 210

    Please shed some light on the requirement for two small appl br ckts' required per code.
    *210.11A states the minimum branch ckt requirement for dwelling shall be determined from load calculation. (ok, this I understand for determining the minimum ckt requirmement for the dwelling based on load calculation)
    *210.11C states in addition to the branch ckt requirement for other parts of this section two or more 20amp small appliance branch ckts shall be provided for all receptacle outlets specified by 210.52(B). (ok, this I understand that in addition to the number of ckts required based on load calculation I must provide two additional branch ckts for the kitchen which is added to the demand at 1500va/ckt per Article 220).
    *210.52B1 states that the two small appliance branch ckts provided by 210.11C shall serve all wall and floor receptacle outlets covered by 210.52A including all countertop outlets covered by 210.52C and refrigeration equipment.
    *210.52B2 states the small appliance ckts specified in 210.52B1 shall have no other outlets.
    *210.52B3 states that receptalces installed in the kitchen to serve countertop surfaces shall be supplied by not fewer than two small appliance branch circuits, either or both of which shall also be permitted to supply receptacle outlets in the same kitchen and in other rooms specified in 210.52B1.

    Question---The no other outlets specified by 210.52B2 throws me off track every time I read it. I am embarrased to say my understanding of this is foggy to say the least. I believe I need at least two additional small appliance branch circuits which should supply counter top receptacles and refrigeration equipment only, or provide a dedicated ckt for refrigeration, but 210.52B1 says I can also supply other outlets in the kitchen from these circiuits. But 210.52B2 states I can have no other outlets.
    When I talk to others in the industry, including inspectors, I get different opinions.
    Can someone help clarify this for me?

    Thank in advance

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    Quote Originally Posted by champion
    210.52B2 states I can have no other outlets.
    This basically says that outlets not specified in 210.52(B)(1) shall not be on the two or more small appliance branch circuits. Keep in mind that "outlets" by definition in article 100 include lighting outlets.

    So things like under-counter lights can't be on the small appliance branch circuits, the kitchen lighting ect. Also receptacles that aren't part of the required receptacles in the dining room, pantry kitchen ect. Things like an outside receptacle can't be fed from the small appliance branch circuit, or a hard wired central vac outlet.

    Hope this helps.


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    Quote Originally Posted by champion
    I am embarrased to say my understanding of this is foggy to say the least.
    Don't be embarassed. Some of the longest most unresolved discussions on this forum have revolved around 210.52.

    Switched Dining Room Outlet (513 Replies)
    Undercabinet Lights (277 Replies)
    Dedicated Circuit for Fridge (220 Replies, locked after stalemate)
    Kitchen Island Outlets (135 Replies)
    Uh-Oh, Another SA Question (126 Replies} get the idea.

    Essentially, as Chris said, all wall, counter and fridge receptacles are to be powered by Small Appliance Branch Circuits (SABCs). Those SABCs are to serve nothing but those three functions of receptacles.

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