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Thread: Heat Trace Circuits

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    Unhappy Heat Trace Circuits

    I am installing heat trace in 2 locations. They are both on the same circuit. one is 6 feet long and the other is 3 feet long. They are 120 volt and 5 watts per foot. Do they make a standard gfci breaker that has 30ma trip? If not what other ways can I make this installation meet the requirements of the NEC? Thanks

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    Cutler Hammer makes a 30ma c/b for its' plugin panels (GFEP 120 etc). Kinda pricey @ about $65/pole but we buy em all the time.
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    You could also use a faceless gfi device, it is a gfic outlet with no holes in the face to plug a cord in just connect to the back line/load connections.

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    I have many installations of 3 to 5 ft heat trace protected by a GFCI, faceless type. This is for 3/8" copper water pressure sensing line with heat trace inside a 2" pvc conduit, mostly underground. Never had any trip from leakage.
    Some of the heat cable mfgs make a cord end GFCI, but it would plug into a GFCI receptacle in most installations.
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