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Thread: Residential Wireman Test

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    Residential Wireman Test

    I am looking for a book or something with timed practice questions in preperation for the Wireman test. I,ve heard of a book that begins with 20 minute tests and ends in the 3 to 4 hour tests but this book is outdated. Can anyone help?

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    Welcome to the forum!

    This is one of the best places around for learning something solid from the net...

    Can anyone help?

    Mike Holt Enterprises specializes in training. Let him help you out on a freebee test here.

    He has a great book...

    For a little more information go here...

    Good place to start is to call 1.888.NEC.CODE in English that's 1.888.632.2633. There office staff are all professional and can get you where you want to go. There is a reason Mike's website is the # 1 website.
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    I haven't bought Mike's Exam Prep book, so I can't speak on that.

    But the Exams in the 'Free Stuff' or 'Exam' area of the website are pretty effective. Are you testing for the CO RW? It's not so bad if you can navigate through the code effectively. Spend time here every day, get involved in the discussions with a code book in your lap, and you'll be amazed how fast you get some speed. :cool:

    Welcome to the forum.

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    mikes exam prep for the Master exam is excellent. I passed first time and my buddy that used it passed first time.

    I would get his book if I was yuns.

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