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Thread: Fire alarm annunciator panels

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    Fire alarm annunciator panels

    I have a project where an existing building has a main fire alarm control panel and annunciator panel with a map showing locations of alarms. This building is adding an addition, and the fire alarm specification did not include work to replace the annunciator panel map to include the new addition. The owner is upset this work was not included and is claiming that the annunciator panel map must be replaced/updated per NFPA 72.

    I poured through NFPA 72 and found information regarding annunciator panels, but did not find a specific reference regarding this work. In my opinion, it is up to the local code authority to decide whether the annunciator panel map MUST be updated. Does anyone else have experience with this and can offer some help?

    Thank you

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    NFPA 72 says how to do fire alarm work, it doesn't indicate what is required. Generally that is indicated in the building, mechanical or fire codes adopted by the AHJ.
    An annunciator panel map is not required by national codes. Some local AHJ's like to know where the problem is near the FD entry, but not a national code.

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    Thank you, I have the same interpretation of the situation.


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