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Thread: Texas residential code and breaker box location

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    Texas residential code and breaker box location

    Texas requires compliance with the NEC that was in effect May 1, 2001. First, what version was of the code was effective at that time. Second, is there any requirement in it that conflicts with the following legislation:

    Section 2306.514 is amended to provide that each breaker box must be located not higher than 48 inches above the floor on the first floor of each single family home constructed with funds from TDHCA, unless the applicable building code prescribes another location.

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    I can't speak to your first question. But the only related NEC requirement of which I am aware places a limit on the maximum height of 6 feet (i.e., to the highest overcurrent device). This is in 240.24. Since the legislative action you cite places a lower limit on the maximum height, it is not in conflict with the NEC requirement.
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    My guess is that the NEC in enforcement at that time would have been the 1999.
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    Loacation of Breaker Boxes - Inside or Outside?

    Does the NEC have any requirement concerning the location of the breaker boxes? Does it specify inside or outside the dwelling or not mention any specific location at all. Can you please provide me with the cite concerning the box location? Thanks.

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    try 408.37 -> 312.2 (A)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ralph Hendrickson
    Does it specify inside or outside the dwelling or not mention any specific location at all.
    You can put a panel board most anywhere inside or outside a dwelling other then a closet or a bathroom.

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