My question is on the interpretation of 240 volt up to 600 volt molded circuit breaker operations with covers on. There are several locations in a facility where untrained non-electrical personnel switch 277 lighting circuit breakers on and off as needed. When one reads the chart from NFPA 70 E it would seem that this would be an unacceptable practice because of the ZERO HRC/Risk category. What are your thoughts?

Zog & Jim D. -- Unacceptable because the persons happen to be security guards that turn the lights on/off before and after the shifts report or leave work. --- We havenít got management on the same page yet. My efforts with the question were to get unbiased outside options to support my efforts on application of the rules.

I believe your # 2 is the correct option. Have a qualified person operate the breakers for them

WDn Ė I believe you may need to review your procedure because of the PPE requirements with the panel closed and switching 277 volts if you have not completed an analysis.