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Thread: Nj elevator shaft code

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    Red face Nj elevator shaft code

    We are in the process of running video feeds and low voltage wires in an 8 story apartment complex. The wires need to go from the eighth floor to the basement. The best way down is the elevator shaft. My electrician says that we can run the wires in emt conduit but what kind of code is there for a fire barrier.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jkliberty
    The best way down is the elevator shaft.
    That is a violation:
    620.37 Wiring in Hoistways, Machine Rooms, Control Rooms, Machinery Spaces, and Control Spaces.
    (A) Uses Permitted.
    Only such electric wiring, raceways, and cables used directly in connection with the elevator or dumbwaiter, including wiring for signals, for communication with the car, for lighting, heating, air conditioning, and ventilating the elevator car, for fire detecting systems, for pit sump pumps, and for heating, lighting, and ventilating the hoistway, shall be permitted inside the hoistway, machine rooms, control rooms, machinery spaces, and control spaces.

    (B) Lightning Protection.
    Bonding of elevator rails (car and/or counterweight) to a lightning protection system grounding down conductor(s) shall be permitted. The lightning protection system grounding down conductor(s) shall not be located within the hoistway. Elevator rails or other hoistway equipment shall not be used as the grounding down conductor for lightning protection systems.
    A commentary (although uneforceable) following this section in the NECH states:
    Elevator hoistways are often convenient locations to run wiring from the basement to the roof. However, 620.37(B) prohibits equipment and wiring that is not associated with the elevator from being installed in elevator machine rooms and hoistways. Only electrical equipment and wiring used directly in connection with the elevator may be installed inside the hoistway and machine room.
    An error on your part does not constitute an emergency on my part.8-)

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    Can not to speak to the NJ elevator code. In my part of Central Florida, anything not germain to the elevator is not in the shaft, although I would have liked to use those nice, roomy chases !

    Bet the code in NJ is similar . . .

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    that NEC elevator note appears in other code books as well. you'b be best to check the elevator as well as building code to see if its allowed. elevator code here is ansi.

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    This post does not belong here, it has nothing to do with hazardous areas.

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