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    I need to choke a # 2 awg EGC in a emt conduit that is existing with only a standard locknut installed. I was told that there is a "quick ground choke" i could install. Meaning it would be listed to slip around the connector (without removing the wire), have a lug to attach a bonding conductor and bond to the conduit. I looked in a Burndy catalog, but nothing caught my eye. Does anyone know of such an item?

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    A grounding wedge made by T&B. The bonding jumper must be a 2 AWG see 250.64(E). Its not a quick ground choke, thats an odd term.
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    ground choker

    Thanks. I couldn't find it on their website, but I am having my vendor look into it. I came up with the quick term; that's why it didn't sound right.

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