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Thread: Commercial Kitchen- Equipment Under Hood

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    Commercial Kitchen- Equipment Under Hood

    I am trying to find where the requirement is to "trip" or "disconnect" power to electrical power appliances / equipment located under a commercial kitchen hood.

    It seems this is a very "typical" requirment & makes sense to have the power to items located under the hood disconnected via the Fire Suppression Controls if the Fire Suppression system is activated.

    But I have been unable to locate the specific code requirment for this.
    Can anyone provide additional information?
    Thanks / Robert

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    The requirement for disconnection of electrical equipment located under a commercial cooking hood comes from the building codes not the NEC.

    Section 904.11.2 of the IBC requires that the actuation of the fire suppresion system shall automatically shut down the fuel or electrcial power supply to the cooking equipment.

    Also this section requires that the reset for the electrical or fuel supplys be of the manual type.


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    There have been a few threads about "under the hood" here in recent far as citing the actual code and article number - I really can't help as that seems to be note/spec on most jobs we do. is some info you may find useful:
    NFPA 96: Standard for Ventilation Control and Fire Protection of Commercial Cooking Operations, 2004 Edition online

    View the 2008 edition of this document.

    If you use the search function on this forum, and search for the word "ANSUL", you will find all sorts of helpful information.
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