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Thread: sizing of a cable tray

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    sizing of a cable tray

    I am doing some work out of town and I am not understanding how to size a cable tray for the following feeders.
    3-3/0 and # 4 gnd I have four sets of these conductors
    3-2/0 and # 4 gnd I have six sets of these conductors
    3-1/0 and # 6 gnd I have three sets of these conductors
    And it is in a industrial plant with supervision and can the wire be Thhn.
    They want it in a alum. open ladder cable tray.

    Think you

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    If they have Cooper B-line cable tray try this link.
    It may help you.

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    NEC Section 392 provides a good explanation of the many variables associated with the sizing of cable tray. I have used B-Line & PW Industries as suppliers in the past, their websites provide some good technical information ( &

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