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Thread: Emergency Boiler Shutdown

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    Emergency Boiler Shutdown

    Are heat detectors or Fire Alarm and Detection System (FADS) required to be tied-in for emergency boiler shutdown? Or, what are the requirements for emergency boiler shutdown for large industrial boilers?

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    I believe you need to take a look at NFPA 85. It spells out the requirements for boiler and combustion safety shutdown systems.

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    We have just installed two new boilers and were required to install emergency shut downs outside of the room at each entrance for emergency personnel.

    This is code in minnesota

    Minnesota Rules, Chapter 4715.

    Subp. 3. Section 1006.9. IMC Section 1006 is amended by
    adding a section to read as follows:

    1006.9 Boiler shutdown switch. A manually operated remote
    shutdown switch shall be located at the boiler room door and
    marked for easy identification. The emergency shutdown switch
    shall disable all power to the burner controls.

    Exception: A single hot water boiler with a rated
    input of less than 400,000 Btu/hr (117 kW).

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