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Thread: Irreversible Crimp?

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    Irreversible Crimp?

    What exactly is an irreversible crimp when reffering to grounding connections? Can anyone give me an example, part number, visual? What makes a crimp irreversible?

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    Try this link.

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    Yeah, I've actually been to that website before, but I can't seem to figure out the meaning behind the word "irreversible".

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    It just means the connection is "permanent." Once the connection is crimped, they can't be un-crimped.

    The irreversible compression connections use special dies and purpose-built crimping tools (such as Burndy's) with each compression having an embossment to ensure it was properly set.

    These connections are superior to mechanical grounding connections, which typically build-up in resistance over time. These connections, provided they were properly crimped, offer low resistance over a long period of time.

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