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Attached Garage Main Disco, house sub = main. EGC?

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    Attached Garage Main Disco, house sub = main. EGC?

    Current situation: 2008 NEC. Attached garage. 100-amp Main Disconnect in garage. @60' sub-feed cable to 20-space panel in main section of house, finished basement. One #6 EGC (secondary?) from main disconnect to nearby ground rod. Another EGC (primary?) from sub-panel to nearby cold water pipe, with a jumper around the water meter.

    I had one inspector tell me that a new primary (?) EGC from sub-panel ground bar to municipal water pipe meets current code. This even though not literally continuous, it relies on the ground conductor in the sub-feed cable and the approved connections in each enclosure.

    I had another inspector tell me the exact opposite, that a whole new EGC must run from the main disconnect to the water pipe (and, presumably, remove the existing older EGC from sub-panel to nearby cold water pipe).


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    It being an attached garage it's all one structure and all grounding electrodes should be connected to the service (250.24(A)(1) ).The only "ground" to you sub-panel would be the EGC from the service panel.
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