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Pump for permanent pool vs pump for storable pool

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    Pump for permanent pool vs pump for storable pool

    Hello All,

    Looking for information about the difference between a pump listed for use for storable pools only, vs those listed for use with permanent pools only. Some differences are obvious, cord length, some are double insulated, some are not, but aside from those, what is the fundamental difference why you can only use one kind of pump for one kind of pool and not either/or?

    Have read through NEC article 680 and understand that for a permanent pool, thwn wiring of at least 12 gauge must be routed from home through conduit to outlet with weatherproof cover. Outlet must be twist lock if between 6' to 10' of pool, and farther from 10' it can be regular outlet, must have either a gfci breaker or gfci outlet. Breaker needs to be at least 20 amp. Pool has to be bonded with 8 gauge bare copper wire buried 4-6" deep, 18-24" from pool, fastened to frame in 4 equidistant points, bonded to water, and bonded to pump IF the pump is not double insulated. If the pump is double insulated, the bond is supposed to terminate at the electronic grounding conductor at the outlet box, which essentially ties it back to the panel ground. Pump cord must be 3' in length.

    Have read conflicting information about requirement 680.26(B) here, suggesting it reduces safety to tie the bond to the ECG (post from 03-13-14, 02:59 AM):

    Also this post indicating that UF cable may be used to power a pump that is double insulated and not tied to the bonding grid (post from 03-14-2020, 05:03 PM):

    Ultimately, I have a permanent pool and a storable pump. What is the risk of using a storable pump with a permanent pool, or vice versa? Setup was this way when home was purchased.

    Would it be unsafe to have a permanent pool be bonded at all appropriate locations, except for a double insulated pump that is listed for use with a storable pool, with the pump outlet wired in thwn in pvc conduit to a 20 amp gfci breaker?

    And the pool bond, I understand that it should terminate at the bonding lug on the pump motor if the pump is not double insulated, and if the pump is double insulated, then the bond wire should terminate with the ECG in the outlet box. Where should the bond begin? Is it essentially a LINE (as in linear with two endpoints)? i.e. can I start the bond wire at the skimmer water bond with say 1/4" of wire sticking out of the lug into the air, not connected to anything else, then continue around the pool, under the ground, to the ladder, etc., and end at either the motor lug or the ECG?

    Thanks for your input.

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