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Jumper between bonding bushings

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    Jumper between bonding bushings

    When you have multiple bonding bushings in an enclosure, is it permissible to run a single jumper through the lugs on all of the bonding bushings and connect it to the ground bar? Or does the equipment grounding conductor from each conduit need to connect to the lug on the bonding bushing and then connect to the ground bar? I've only seen the latter installation completed, and my subcontractor has completed their installation using the first described method. Reference pictures below.


    The first method is merely bonding the conduits, effectively bypassing the locknuts. The second method is what is done when there is a wire EGC.
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      Originally posted by LarryFine View Post
      The second method is what is done when there is a wire EGC.
      But I dont think it has to be done that way right? Even when a wire EGC is present, I dont see why you cant use a separate conductor to hit the BB. Of course the way as pictured will use the least amount of terminals on the EGC bar.

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        If the raceway requires a wire type bonding jumper it does not have to be the EGC within the raceway, a properly sized external jumper is permitted. Often a separate conductor like in the first photo is easier.


        All responses based on the 2017 NEC unless otherwise noted