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Pool Bonding Help

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    Pool Bonding Help

    I recently updated my pool equipment ( new pump, SWCG and gas heater) and upon completion hired an electrician. I was told that there was no bonding cable present. The pool Is gunite built in 1998. I contacted the pool builder and he assured me it was bonded. There have been equipment swap outs thru the years and apparently someone failed to reconnect these wires and I’ve been swimming in an unbonded pool for many years.

    I started digging around pool equipment pad and found 2 separate 8 gauge bare copper wires.
    One wire is obviously the bonding wire but what is the other one ( ground ??). I used to have a Polaris booster pump so is it possible both are bonding for Polaris pump and other for main pump?

    How would you go about identifying the purpose of each wire. I just want to make sure pool is safe.

    You should call the EC back and show him the wires, most likely both are bond wires. With that said I must close this thread in accordance with the forum rules

    This forum is intended for use by electricians and electrical contractors, inspectors, engineers, and vendors with their job-related duties. We are not allowed to provide how-to advice to persons who are not employed in this industry, or persons who do not perform electrical installation or maintenance as part of their jobs.