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250.24(A)(2) Additional grounding for outdoor transformer

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    250.24(A)(2) Additional grounding for outdoor transformer

    To meet the requirements of 250.24(A)(2), can the additional grounding connection be made at the service disconnect? I am updating my service from 200A to 400A, and the new meter enclosure is attached to the exterior of my house and will contain two 200 amp disconnects within the meter enclosure. Meter is fed from a pad mounted transformer in my neighbors yard. It appears the existing meter grounding conductor is connected to a ground rod, and the existing service disconnect (panel inside my house) is connected to a ground rod system. In the new setup my service disconnect will be within the meter enclosure which I plan to run a #6 grounding electrode conductor to a pair of existing ground rods to meet normal grounding of service based on 250.50. Based on 250.24(A)(2) I need an additional grounding connection to another grounding electrode. Can I install another #6 from my service disconnect (meter enclosure) to an additional ground rod to meet the requirements? I don't want to mess with installing a ground rod at the existing transformer location.

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