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How much does it cost just to keep the doors open?

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    Originally posted by Stickboy View Post
    I agree with CopperDude, you have to factor in ALL your overhead costs of which insurance and licences are a part of.
    But out of my own curiosity, I have to ask why you are asking this question in the first place?
    Your municipality or whoever issues them in your area can tell you exactly what your licensing fees will be, and its easy enough to get a quote from an insurance broker for commercial liability insurance.
    Are you trying to get general costs before deciding to open your doors for business or do you have some other objective?
    Sure, we could all tell you what we pay for these things, but it's going to differ widely based on location, company size, number of employees, years in business etc.
    If we can know the nature or root of your question, it would be a lot easier to give you a good answer.
    You are making too much sense here! A crazy concept for us Electricians! lol