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    Originally posted by growler View Post
    I agree that it shouldn't be hard but sometimes it just is.

    Example. Here on small jobs the posted permit only has the permit number and the GC listed.If you take that permit number to the permit office and ask for any information about the permit they will not give it out. I guess they assume that if you are dealing with the GC on the job you can find out all the information you need from them.

    Originally posted by cowboyjwc View Post
    Here once the job is finished, the permit becomes public record, but prior to that, it's non of your business what someone is doing. We have people file complaints and then call back to find out the status, I tell them its confidential, they usually claim that they filed the complaint, I tell them I know and now I'm taking care of it and now it's NOYB.
    Wow, things are different here in MA. All permits, applications, construction docs are public record as soon as they are submitted. (possibly with some exceptions, as was the case on a few rare projects that I dealt with)
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