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Channel in old plaster lath

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    Originally posted by growler View Post
    I would do whatever Larry suggest that way I would have someone to blame it on if I screw it up.

    Actually I would probably just tell them to get whoever is going to be doing the patch work to cut the channel.

    Probably 200 years of lead based paint. Sounds like about 10 sq ft to be removed.
    That's what I would do too. In fact, I always ask my customers to use a carpenter or handyman to do tasks that are quite involved from a carpentry standpoint. I don't have the right tools anyway, and this is one of the reasons I don't. It is beyond the scope of what I do.


      Originally posted by sw_ross View Post
      I used the grout blade and oscillating tool to cut in some retro- can lights last week.
      The job sucked! Those blades aren't cheap and I burned through 2 of them to cut-in 4 can lights!

      I didn't anticipate that when I bid the job!
      It took longer than anticipated and made a nasty mess of the living room!

      Live and learn!
      Another thing.. if the house is old enough to have hard plaster with lath, then it's old enough to have ungrounded wiring throughout, possibly even cloth-covered or old BX. I would have passed on that job.


        Just use a circ saw with a carbide blade. Fastest, cheapest, and probably cleanest.
        Ethan Brush - East West Electric. NY, WA. MA

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          6" x 20' is either one very tall ceiling, or you're going horizontally.

          In either case, you want to minimize vibration to avoid destroying plaster keys. Then you'd have a job trying to re-anchor the plaster.

          I like the idea of the guy who's going to patch the plaster is the guy to cut the channel.

          New question-- what in the world is being installed? If you're going horizontally, are you going to have to notch the heck out of the studs??