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    WP Fitting and boxes

    Had someone ask me to price a run of EMT with weatherproof fitting and boxes for the conduit. Why would you have weatherproof fitting and boxes for EMT..INDOORS? And apparently EMT does not have any weatherproof/raintight fittings. Thanks.!~20030611.htm
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    I think that reference is very outdated. Look at the date. Not sure why someone would want to use raintight inside. There may be an argument for compression type however.
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      if the customer is willing to pay, who cares.

      the link provided is to something from 2003.

      apparently there are once again rain tight emt fittings available. I did a search at UL and found a bunch of them including this one.



        Thank you guys.


          As of 2019 there is no UL listed raintight fitting for connecting EMT to a 'bell box' with tapered threads or 'Hubs' as UL calls them.
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          UL Certifies (Lists) Conduit Fittings under the product category for Conduit Fittings (DWTT), located on page 141 of the 2015-16 UL White Book, pdf located and also on UL Product Spec at and enter DWTT at the category code search field. In the guide information you will find that with or without a gasket/seal, all male threaded fittings and nipples have only been investigated for use with locknuts only and have not been evaluated for use with hubs.Click image for larger version  Name:	RT_ft.jpeg Views:	0 Size:	10.6 KB ID:	2543643
          Now it could be argued you could put the locknut above the rubber gasket when threading it into a 'hub' of a bell box. But essentially UL dodges the issue.
          Comments based on 2017 NEC unless otherwise noted.