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    Originally posted by Heretohear View Post
    Well i ordered the Siemens breaker online like the previous poster mentioned. Surprisingly you cannot get a breaker that is 2- 2 pole 15 amps. Siemens doesn't offer that combination interestingly enough. So i just switched my plan around and got a 2 pole 20amp with a 2 pole 15amp on it. My wholesaler was gonna have to special order from their rep, saying it's not common ordering those breakers in. So i just ordered online. Sadly when i went to put the breaker in it would just not click down all the way. Looking at the breaker that just came out side by side with my new one, all the moulded casing points were the exact same (both were type QT breakers as well). Except the spot on the back where the stabs are were, there was a little too much casing to push down all the way. Not sure what that's all about, but i have a email in with Siemens. I can't imagine it would have worked with anyother panel style. There just wasn't enough stab meat to hold anything in. Oh well we chipped away some casing and it's in and looks good. I will wait and see what Siemens says and hopefully they will send me a replacement breaker for their breaker that was sent out i presume defective. Thanks for the help everybody.
    That is the rejection feature at work. If the panel were intended to accept that breaker in that position it would have a slot in the bus so that extra plastic that makes up the rejection feature won't interfere with plugging it on.

    Look at the bottom few bus positions (seems to be where use of tandems/twins was commonly allowed) to see of those positions have a slot in the bus tabs. If not, that particular panel likely was never intended to accept any tandems/twins at all.
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