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    ICC National Exam

    I am getting ready to take the ICC National Electrical Exam for one of our local jurisdictions. I have already taken the Prometric and passed with flying colors. Does anyone have any insight as to what to expect with the ICC vs Prometric? Also do you have any test taking tips for CBT vs standard paper and pencil? Lastly do you have any study books outside of the already Mike Holt NEC Exam Preps I have already been working through? Thanks in advance for any tips! Wish me luck!

    IMO, if you know your basic theory, basic NEC knowledge and know how to navigate the code book you will pass any electrical inspector's exam. Mike Holt's book just good books to study and more so practice from.

    My test taking has been on the first run I answer the questions that I know by heart, 2nd run, I do the ones that are a bit harder, 3rd run the questions that I really have to spend time on and the 4th run answer all the questions that I could not find the answer to and mark them the "C" option. I never leave any question unanswered and I always make note of bad written questions so I can argue it just in case I don't pass the exam.

    Good luck. Let us know how you do.
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