I need assistance with determining my Watts correctly with Ohm's law using the amperage reading from my Fluke clamp meter. I welcome anyone who can correct the errors of my ways and offer a brief explanation so I can learn correctly.

Amperage Readings
L1: 17.1 Amps
L2: 17.0 Amps

Ohms Law
P(w) = V x I

Method 1: Calculated ohms law for each leg of the circuit, calculated them individually, then added the wattage together.
L1: 17.1A x 120V = 2,052 Watts
L2: 17.0A x 120V = 2,040 Watts

Total Watts1: 4,092 Watts

Method 2: Combined amperage for both legs and used 240V by combined average to calculate watts which is double Method 1.
L1: 17.1 Amps
L2: 17.0 Amps

Lt = 34.1 Amps x 240V = 8,184 Watts

Total Watts2: 8,184 Watts

Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.