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Watts Calculation Method for 240V Circuits

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    Originally posted by AtTheKeyboard View Post
    I might be over-answering on this one, please forgive me if so.

    Besoeker is correct - this is in units of VA, not watts, based on the inputs. Watts would actually be equal or less, but isn't relevant to this problem.

    Method 1 is good, but Method 2 is toast.

    With a 120/240 split-style transformer, each Line-to-Neutral leg is 120V, so it's 34.1 Amps (added across 120V legs), times 120V, not 240V, which is why the result doubled. Another way to look at it is - The average current on each side of the transformer - at (17.1+17.0)/2 - times the line-to-line voltage, 240V. 17.05A * 240V = 4,092VA

    Revised Method 2 - 34.1A * 120V = 4,092VA
    Thats exactly what I needed to see. Perfect, thank you so much.
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