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    Switchgear Installation Location

    Hello all,

    I'm planning to install a 13.2 kV/ 480 Volt 2500 KVA transformer, 3000 Amp switchgear (480 V) and 6 VFD drive cabinets.

    1. 13.2 kV/ 480 Volt, 2500 KVA transformer will be located outside the manufacturing plant. This transformer will feed a 3000 Amp switchgear rated for 480 V.

    2. This switchgear has 6 breakers that will feed 6 drive cabinets. All 6 drive cabinets will be installed inside a MCC room.

    3. My question is regarding switchgear installation location. Is it acceptable to install this 3000 Amp switchgear inside MCC room or does it have to be installed in a separate switchgear room ? Please note that MCC room already has a Distribution Panel (DP) fed by another transformer/ switchgear. In addition, MCC room will have many drive cabinets. MCC room has additional free space available.

    4. Can you please confirm which NEC section is applicable for installation location of switchegar ? I want to know what NEC says for installing switchegar inside MCC room along with other distribution panel (powered by a different transformer source) and drive cabinets or the switchgear must be installed in a separate switchegar room ?

    Thanks !

    As long as you maintain the required working clearance and access rules the NEC will allow the gear in the room (or almost anywhere)
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      NEC 2017 ARTICLE 408 Switchboards, Switchgear, and Panelboards
      Part II. Switchboards and Switchgear [from Art.408.16]
      and Art.110 Part II. 1000 Volts, Nominal, or Less [from 110.26].
      Also Art.312.2 Damp and Wet Locations
      [and also as augie47 said]


        If the breakers in the switchgear contain any insulating mineral oil, it is better to house the switchgear in a separate room then.