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Outside feeder minimum rating and size [225.5]

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    Outside feeder minimum rating and size [225.5]

    Greetings all;
    Does 225 modify and supersede 215 for a outside feeder minimum rating and size?
    Or does 225 just add requirements to 215?

    In this scenario assume we have a farm pole; service, feeder and load-center that are all located outdoors.

    I was just updating some code references on a load calculation and that lead me to looking up the one for continuous loads on a outside feeder.
    Do you use the larger of 215.2(A) or 225.5?
    All three sections in 225 dealing with load calculations 225.5, 225.8(B) 225.39 go straight to 220 omitting continuous load factors.
    215.2(A) includes the 125% continuous factor.

    215.2(A) seems like it would always have a larger number than 225.5, 225.8(B) And 225.39.

    I understand Articles in the code modify each other and T225.3 pulls in article 215 for things not covered in 225. If it was intend to use 215.2(A) whats the point of 225.5, 225.8(B) And 225.39? Why not just point to 215.2(A)?
    Comments based on 2017 NEC unless otherwise noted.