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35 foot light pole, how much concrete do I pour to install?

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    35 foot light pole, how much concrete do I pour to install?

    I have a 35 foot aluminum light pole that has 4 bolts holes in the base of the pole. I need to know how deep and wide should I pour the concrete into the ground. I'm not going to use the light pole for a light, I'm recycling it to make a flag pole. The base bolt holes are 8 inches apart in a square. The base bolts measure 11.5 inches diagonally. I want to be able to fly "two" 3 foot by 5 foot flags from the top of the pole and I want to make sure that I have enough concrete in the ground to support the pole and the two flags and along with high winds, ect. I live in western Kentucky. I do not want to do the math, I have been on the calculating spreadsheet page and I can not figure it out. I need help. I know there is a formula and I know you have to take account of the wind on the two flags at the top of the pole.
    I would think that if you knew how much concrete I would need to pour into the ground if I were going to use the light pole as a light that it would be a sufficient amount of concrete to hold two 3'x5' flags. Just guessing.
    If you can help, just so I know the pole will not fall over.
    Here are some of the specs of the light pole that I want to recycle into a flag pole. .
    * 35 foot tall
    * 25.5" Base circumference
    * Bolt width or edge to edge is 8"
    * Bolt circle or diagonal is 11.5"
    * Two flags 3'x5'
    If I can get it up in the air it is going to make an amazing flag pole.

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