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how to calculate electrical capacity for a 400amp 3phase service laundromat

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    how to calculate electrical capacity for a 400amp 3phase service laundromat

    Please help me. I have a small laundromat with a 400amp 3phase service. my service Amp load on my 3phase equip is 63amps and on my singlephase 120v equip is a total of 338amps@120volts. so its 63amps + 338=401amps plus an additional lets say 100amps for lights and 1A/C. Now im doing an addition and adding only 5amps of light, another A/C maybe 30amps and 5 stackdryers@ 16amps each and 9 washers which are add upto 51amps the total for new equip will be equal to another 51amps 3phase and 115amps single phase=166 total amps.
    when combined the old and new---it will be 114amps at 3phase + 553amps single ph which equals to=667amps total...
    my contractors electrician seems is gonna bail out. the city inspectors passed everything except electrical---they want the Load calculation done before inspecting and the electrician doesnt seem to know how to do it....
    so my question is---will my electric service is adequate enough? and how or who can do load calculations for me in dallas, tx? PLease Please help me---everyone i talk to and read on the net says i have enough electrical---i need someone who is very knowledgable to a give me an answer.....please.

    To a great extent it will depend on the duty cycle of the equipment. The answer will likely require your meeting on site with a competent electrical contractor or engineer.
    With that said:

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