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    1932 Alfred Hitchcock movie made in UK.

    Originally posted by broadgage View Post
    Could it be a street lighting controller ? probably redundant.
    Here in the UK some older street lighting installations used "ripple control" to switch the lamps throughout a district.
    A signal at a few times line frequency was superimposed on the POCO network.
    Each street lamp or small group of lamps would have a controller containing a tuned circuit that would detect this signal and use it to operate a relay or contactor, thereby switching the lamps.
    It was a popular system before cheap reliable photocells.
    Although mainly intended for public lighting, anyone could purchase a controller and use it to switch outdoor lighting in say a factory yard, railway station or parking lot.
    If controlling public street lighting, the controller would be connected to the line side of the KWH meter.
    If controlling outdoor lighting on private property the controller would be wired on the load side of the meter.
    The box would contain a fuse, the tuned circuit, and a latching relay or contactor.

    This system is still used in central London today ! unlike a photocell for each lamp it has the merit of central control.
    It is a simple matter to light the lamps in daylight so as to check that they work, or to turn them off at night if required for filming.
    Several different coded signals are available so as to give different switching times for general lighting, road signs, and seasonal lighting for example.
    Turning alternate lamps off at midnight is easily achieved.

    In the UK the equipment is made by THORN LIGHTING under the name "CYCLOCONTROL"
    Saw a indoor type used as a hiding place for stolen necklace.


      Where was it?

      Where was it in relation to the whole building and the track?
      I have an old rail-road book somewhere and it looks like it could be some kind of signaling device.
      Railroad had Semaphores and other signals that were state of the art way back.
      IF the building was close enought o the track it could have been to a signal on the roof.
      Just a guess.


        Saturday Pic

        It looks like an old weather head as stated previously.
        It was common to have the meter on the pole. Wire run to the insulators remaining on the building and then to the old Box shown.
        I have also seen something like this used to go to a couple of lamps to indicate a ground on one of the normally ungrounded single phase conductors.


          Cover Opens

          Note that the cover has a wing nut on the left and hinges on the right. Take a ladder and open it up. I would love to see more photos. I am also a little concerned because two wires come from the weatherhead into the box.
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            Originally posted by K8MHZ View Post
            Using Photoshop, I was able to filter through the paint and read what was on the cover. It reads:

            Squared D Inc.
            Chicago, IL U.S.A.
            (Old building block style 'D' logo)
            My Square D literature only goes back to 1938. There is no device like this in any of their Digests, back to that point.
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