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    Fluke 112

    Does anyone use or have experience with the Fluke 112? I have one and like it, but I was wondering if stepping up to the newer model, the 117, would be worth it. I know that the 117 has non contact voltage detection which I don't care for in a DMM, and LoZ which is nice, but my SV225 takes care of that. So I was wondering if people more experienced in this area knew of any other downfalls of the 112 vs. the 117?


    The 112 is discontinued. They have a problem with the control knob twisting off.

    Fluke does not carry replacement knobs.

    Edit to add: You can now find replacement knobs on [COLOR="red"]e[/COLOR][color="blue"]b[/color][color="orange"]a[/color][color="green"]Y[/color] here.
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      Other than the knob falling off, how do you like it?


        It's a great test meter. I originally bought it because it can test capacitors.

        I have had to keep a 3/16" allen wrench handy to use in place of the knob.

        Now that I've seen the listing on[COLOR="red"] e[/COLOR][COLOR="blue"]b[/COLOR][COLOR="orange"]a[/COLOR][COLOR="green"]Y[/COLOR], I bought one, and am waiting for it to arrive, so I can put that allen wrench back into my toolbox.




            Update: Just got the new knob in the mail today. Fits perfectly!!

            I don't know why Fluke won't sell replacement knobs. They wanted me to send in the whole unit for "repair" --- and from what I've heard, they would scrap the old one, and "sell" me a new test meter! At retail costs of several hundred $$$

            All for want of a $12.50 knob? No way!

            Thank goodness for [COLOR="red"]e[/COLOR][COLOR="blue"]b[/COLOR][COLOR="orange"]a[/COLOR][COLOR="green"]Y[/COLOR]!