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Using a Switchboard as a Raceway

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    Using a Switchboard as a Raceway

    We have a project with a tight vertical fit. Our primary feeds running to a transformer will have to run through the bottom of the enclosure of the secondary OCPD of said transformer. NEC 200.6(D), 210.4(D), and 300.4(C)(1) seem to indicate this is ok. Anyone else run into this?

    Read 312.8, follow all instructions.
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    Many people are shocked when they discover I am not a good electrician...

    I'm in California, ergo I am still stuck on the 2014 NEC... We'll get around to the 2017 code in around 2021.


      You, sir, are a scholar and a gentleman. Many thanks.


        Since you said switchboard this may apply:

        408.3 Support and Arrangement of Busbars and Con-
        (A) Conductors and Busbars on a Switchboard or Pan-
        elboard. Conductors and busbars on a switchboard or pan-
        elboard shall comply with 408.3(A)(1), (A)(2), and (A)(3)
        as applicable.
        (3) Same Vertical Section. Other than the required inter-
        connections and control wiring, only those conductors that
        are intended for termination in a vertical section of a
        switchboard shall be located in that section.
        Exception: Conductors shall be permitted to travel hori-
        zontally through vertical sections of switchboards where
        such conductors are isolated from busbars by a barrier.


        All responses based on the 2014 NEC unless otherwise noted