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Transformer overcurrent protection on the primary.

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    Transformer overcurrent protection on the primary.

    We currently have two 120/208V UPS installations, each with a 480-120/208V transformer, and the transformers are individually connected to a 480v generator connection. This is just a temporary connection.

    For the permanent installation, the higher ups want to feed both transformers from one common circuit breaker on a 480V MCC.

    Is there anything in the code against feeding two transformers from one common circuit breaker?

    It's legal as long as you follow the guidelines in 4503(B)
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      You might have trouble overcoming the inrush of the 2 transformers with a single CB


        Not common, but works.

        Use a 250% X FLA CB feeder, and the required full sized fat wire to each xfm.
        There is no next-size-up for the CB.
        The conductor ampacity has to meet or exceed the CB rating.

        Consider two fused disconnects - one per xfm. That could dump a lot of issues and allow a lot smaller primary conductors.
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