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Network cable next to 120VAC

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    Network cable next to 120VAC

    I know there are many people on here who have more experience and knowledge about this than I, so I’m hoping someone could help me with his and tell me how far I need to keep my ethernet cable away from a TEK cable when being run parallel to each other (about 75’ distance)

    I’m wanting to install a WiFi extender in my gazebo and I was going to run the outdoor rated Ethernet cable along side the 120V TEK cable. I know running network cable parallel with VAC is generally not a good idea but I’m not sure how far I will need to separate the two cables since the TEK cable construction includes the spiral metal enclosure. Will that shield the EMF well enough to not cause me any issue with my network if they are strapped together or am I asking for trouble?

    I have just shy of 300meters outdoor gel filled Ethernet cable that I wanted to use for this, but I don’t recall it having a shield incorporated in it. I would like to avoid having to buy shielded cable if possible.


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    You should be okay at zero distance, but to maximize your separation, try to keep each cable along opposite edges of your trench, or bury the power cable deepest, and the data cable shallower.
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      WiFi Extender

      You might want to look at an Outdoor rated Access Point. Can be installed on the house and cover more than your yard.

      Uses POE power over Ethernet, so no 120V line required. Wall wart powered through the Ethernet cable. Mount on the house, run cable to the power combiner, then on to your network switch. Can easily cover more than half a mile, with the proper mounting. Power level can be turned down to cover just your yard. Don't need to run anything to the gazebo.

      Been using them for years, and they work very well. The older models Nanostation 2 can be found online and work well too.

      Nanostation M2 for 2GHz or M5 for 5GHz

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        Using just the 120V line itself and using powerline carrier communication adapters to make a network connection through the AC line itself should meet your needs. I've found they work well and the two units don't even have to be plugged into the same branch circuit, although that is preferable. They must be on the same 120V phase however.
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          Thanks for the ideas. It gives me something to think about. I’ll have power out to the gazebo regardless of whatever happens with the WiFi extended because I have lights out there that need power.

          Having had a quick look at the specs on the outdoor extender and that seems like a good product and solution. Run a cable through the attic and mount it to the top of the house, and if it’s POE then that would be done still running an Ethernet cable but don’t need to worry about complications from a parallel run install.

          If I understand the signal through the power line solution correctly then I would need to plug one of the receiver/repeaters in at the gazebo and I’m not sure yet if they are rated for outdoor use. It would eliminate the need for the Ethernet cable and seems like it would be the simplest solution so I’ll look into that also.

          Great ideas and info from all, thanks!

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