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Multiple conduits for one circuit? 12.5kV

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    Multiple conduits for one circuit? 12.5kV

    The job: WA state, relocate the feed from the utility transformer to the existing water treatment plant transformer.

    The system: Utility primary metering on a feed to a water treatment plant. After it leaves the utility's metering (isolation?) transformer the customer owned secondary is 12.5kV running ~4000' to a customer owned 12.5/7.2kv -> 208/120V transformer (112.5 kVA)

    The problem: Contractor put in 2x 4" PVC and I don't think I can fit 3W+GND in just one conduit.

    The question: Can you split one circuit across multiple conduits? It seems you can for low voltage in non-metallic conduits but what about MV cable?

    No you cannot. All conductors of the circuit must be in the same conduit. There are few exceptions. Parallel installations are one of them. BTW, welcome to the forum

    300.3(B) Conductors of the Same Circuit. All conductors of the
    same circuit and, where used, the grounded conductor and all
    equipment grounding conductors and bonding conductors
    shall be contained within the same raceway, auxiliary gutter,
    cable tray, cablebus assembly, trench, cable, or cord, unless
    otherwise permitted in accordance with 300.3(B)(1)through
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