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    If you Amprobe the unit when it's running the current is probably close to 15 amps @ 240 volts. A 30 amp inverse time circuit breaker sized at near 200% should not trip on a normal start up. I do get that the warm fuzzy feeling when I size the OCPD at the maximum but won't loose any sleep using a 30 amp CB in this application.


    All responses based on the 2017 NEC unless otherwise noted


      I have a 3 ton heat pump in my house, 45A MOCP. I have taken readings when in heating mode and it is only pulling around 6 amps.

      I don't know what peak starting current is, but I can tell you it starts up pretty quickly on utility power, if I try to run it on my generator, it really bogs it down trying to start, and won't start it if there is much for other load running at same time. Runs fine once you get it started on that generator.
      I live for today, I'm just a day behind.


        Why didn't you swap it out when you noticed the issue. It was cheap then.

        Don't sweat it now. Blame it on the AC guy.