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Feeder Cable installation, Romex in conduit

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    Feeder Cable installation, Romex in conduit

    I am planning to install aluminum 4/0 4/0 2/0 #4 cable, direct buried from a meter stand to the panelboard in my house. The path looks easy, except where I enter the distribution panel. The panel is mounted on the inside of what was an outside wall. I'll be entering from behind the panel. The cable will be in sch 40 coming out of the ground, and then must be terminated at the main breaker, neutral bus and ground bus.

    Suggestions for cable dealer appreciated.

    So, I'm planning on mounting a box behind the panel, terminating the sch 40, with penetrations through the wall.

    Bend radius for this 1.54" dia cable that is 12.3". Can I separate the cables and then use a bend radius that is 8X the dia of the 4/0 wire (8 X 0.46" = 3.7"), as long as the cable is broken out within a suitable NEMA box? Seems like a dumb question, I know, but I'd rather confirm this here than with an inspector.

    In the trench, can I lay in a 4/0 4/0 2/0 cable, and alongside, a separate #4 wire?

    Also, in my work, we were not allowed to run Romex in conduit. Is that actually what NEC says?

    Thanks so much for the forum, and any responses I may get.

    I am closing this thread in accordance with forum rules. This forum is intended for use by electricians and electrical contractors, inspectors, engineers, and vendors with their job-related duties. We are not allowed to provide how-to advice to persons who are not employed in this industry, or persons who do not perform electrical installation or maintenance as part of their jobs. Engineers are welcome to participate, but only if their questions do not involve attempts to perform their own electrical installation, troubleshooting, or maintenance work.

    If I have misread the situation, if for example you have an electrical contractor on board to perform the installation work, then send me a PM to explain the circumstances.
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