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    Originally posted by shortcircuit2 View Post

    The "Metal Strap" and "Metal Trim Ring" inside the wet niche also establish the required water bond I believe...
    That's a great detail. That's it exactly. Yes, the metal strap and the metal trim when joined with the screw, provide the bond. I guess I'm surprised the detail does not show potting compound to be applied to the lug inside the niche.

    FYI: There is a product out there that has been around for sometime called the Light Wedge. Some niches tabs where the light fixture screws in, break off. Not really sure why-perhaps chemical damage. Anyway, this Light Wedge allows the light fixture to be secured inside the niche to prevent it from falling out by wedging itself in place. Problem is, it does not bond the light fixture. That's bad.

    You can google it or see it on Amazon.


      I just assumed everything on the light was plastic. Plastic niche, plastic light and plastic screws or some other means to attach the light. We don't do the wiring inside the pool as the pool companies have licenses for that specifically so I don't get to see the lights in the pool.

      Thanks for the education and a great detail drawing of the light fixture and niche
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