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    Power generation

    190721-1154 EDT

    It is interesting to note the capability of pumped storage. The Ludington MI plant has a capacity of 2172 MW or 10 % of lower Michigan's peak demand. We need more of these.

    Ludington is already a key component of Michigan’s grid. Once the upgrades are complete, the plant will have enough capacity — 2,172 MW — to serve nearly 10 percent of the Lower Peninsula’s peak load. Its capacity will be 20 times the size of Consumers’ nearby Lake Winds wind project that came online in 2012.“It’s a valuable resource for both capacity and for emergency power supply during the peak of the day if other plants go down,” Jester said. “And it can be turned on rather quickly.” It takes four minutes for water to run through the cycle and deliver power to the grid.
    Rick Miller, senior vice president of renewable energy services for HDR, was an engineering consultant on the project more than 10 years ago, analyzing the potential for site upgrades. He calls pumped storage plants like Ludington a “shock absorber” in relation to renewables.
    “Pumped storage allows greater buildout of wind and solar to make the grid work reliably. To the benefit of ratepayers, Ludington helps the entire portfolio operate more efficiently than without it,” Miller said.