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Junction Boxes in Hazardous Locations

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    Junction Boxes in Hazardous Locations

    We were tasked with designing and building junction boxes to be installed in a hazardous location. Originally we were told Class 1, Div 2. Later, they changed to using ATEX terminology and told us that the box must be suitable for Zone 2, IIB, T3. Inside these junction boxes are terminals only. My initial thought was that terminals are not capable of producing a spark on their own under normal conditions and therefore no Ex marking is required on the box. I am looking for a little guidance (specifically code/standard references) for what must be done here. We are not responsible for installing the box; simply building it. The final location is Edmonton Canada.

    Canada has adopted IEC "whole hog" since the late '90s. As such, terminals must be "Ex e". The box must also qualify ("marked") for Zone 2 (although it doesn't take much to do so.) I no longer have access to the current Canadian Electrical Code, so I can't cite the specific rules.

    EDIT ADD: I added "marked" to qualify above. In IEC/ATEX there is no such thing as acceptable "general purpose" equipment in IEC Zones.
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    Robert B. Alexander, P.E.
    Answers based on 2017 NEC unless otherwise noted.