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Controlling light from four different locations.

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    Originally posted by jim dungar View Post
    You have the freedom to be critical.

    I just walked through my house; almost all of the 1-pole toggle switches say On-Off, none of the paddle style (e.g. Decora) have markings. The 1-pole toggle associated with the fan speed control (Ariadni) does not have markings.

    I guess this is a corollary to my signature line: Just because you shouldn't, doesn't mean you can't.
    You are correct on the markings and correct about your tagline. I just get so frustrated when you have these classes teach the best of the choices way. It is a diservice to all.
    I would fly off the handle years ago if an aprentice pulled 4 way or three way switches from the truck and installed them in single pole situations. Heck a Single pole toggle is less than 60 cents and a 4 way can be over 10 bucks. Hey once a co-worker installed a 3 way in a single pole situation. It was 277v. Guess what he landed on a common terminal.

    The ground pigtail.

    BOOOM when the owner went to turn out the lights.


      Hey, the lights did go out, didn't they? The proper way to finish such an installation is to mark both positions "Off".