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LED Retro fit and emergency lighting

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    LED Retro fit and emergency lighting


    I am currently changing over some of our production lighting to LED tubes. Our current set up is a 8 lamp 32 watt with T8's, 3 Ballast's per fixture and a battery back up if its a emergency fixture. The new LED's are the style that you remove the ballast and wire direct to line voltage. This works fine accept on the emergency fixtures with battery back up. I found a kit that will work with the LED'S but it was like $350 per fixture. Have any of you found a way around this? LED lamp that will work with our existing emergency setup? One that is more economical? any other ideas?

    At this point we are looking at just changing over everything but E-lights

    Thank you


    We use a hubbell LG1-T inverter and its $279. You can order with a flange for T-grid or in just a metallic nema 1 enclosure for wall mount, or in your case mount to the beam above the fixture. The label used to say up to 200w, but they may have changed since the factory told us it was only reliable for 50w. We use 1x per 50w LED 2x4 fixture or 1x per 4x 12w recessed fixtures.

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      It seems inefficient that we are basically converting AC to DC in the LED retrofit lamps for normal operation. Then converting battery DC to AC with an inverter so that it can then be converted back from AC to DC in the lamp during power loss.

      There has got to be a better way. Perhaps the LED forward voltage in these retrofit lamps are not optimized for typical 6 or 12v emergency light batteries.

      You could just forget about the e lights on the T8's and install some stand alone emergency fixtures.

      If you need to retrofit the T8 fixture and maintain the emergency function perhaps you could run some 12V lamps in those fixtures. Use an LED driver for these fixtures. Setup an emergency circuit with a 12v battery. Or try an emergency driver.


        The few times it has come up the customer was fine with EBUs installed. Much cheaper than the battery power supply.