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System Sensor DH100ACDCLP simple hand written diagram

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    System Sensor DH100ACDCLP simple hand written diagram

    Hello folks,

    My HVAC company has inherited a Tenant Improvement job that has us finishing the wiring of the 4 wire DH100ACDCLP smoke detectors with the APA151 audible and the RTS151 Key reset switch installed on 6 carrier HP Airhandlers (not being interconnected) , Normally when I bid jobs of this nature , I leave the Smoke detectors for the fire/safety contractor so its done correctly, but this is a abnormal situation and I need it resolved asap.

    I normally would beable to go into the field and investigate , but I have become recently dissabled and am just looking for a simple copy of a hand written schematic/diagram showing where the power wires and where to break power upon alarm and the accesories for this DH100 detector, so I can pass it on to my technician to get this job done and resolved asap.

    Thanks in advance if anyone has knowledge and any visuals would be greatly appreciated, Thank you.

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