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Lightech LET 303-12 replacements

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    Lightech LET 303-12 replacements

    Have a case with several Lightech 303-12 300 watt dimming supplies driven by Leviton Vizia dimmers.

    The 303-12's have gone to switcher heaven, and invited the dimmers along.

    Lightech was bought up by GE Lighting whose web site is thus far stonewalling my queries <>

    Any suggested replacements? Unlike most switchers, the output V should track the input.

    And the VZE 04 Vizia's are discontinued, but the smart guy at Leviton Tech Line suggested replacements. [It's so nice to talk to a supplier contact with real clue...]

    20 watt halogen --&gt;LED

    The Lightech drive 20 halogen lamps in "shadowboxes". [They look to me like upscale milk cartons stacked 4Wx5H, but what do I know?] One issue is they run hot; the 23*20W= 460 watts + the power supply losses. There's no airflow to speak of....

    Each is recessed into a hole in the top surface of the box. The customer would like to explore replacing them with LED's. I'm seeking names of suppliers of such LED fixtures. I know lots of {mostly worthless} things but diddly about fixture providers.