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Industrial Control Panel with Junction Box

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    Industrial Control Panel with Junction Box

    We have an Industrial Control Panel (UL 508A) being built that also has space for terminals that will be used as a junction box for circuits originating in another panel (all 24vdc control circuits). Meaning these circuits originate in another Control Panel, pass through the Industrial control panel in question via terminal blocks, and then pass to the field devices.

    The facility engineer says this is unacceptable but can't give us a reason or site any code or standard other than "We just don't do it that way".

    Does anyone know a reason not to do this or if it violates any code or standard?

    The circuits would have a separate remote disconnect and the panel labeled indicating multiple sources as well as to disconnect all sources prior to servicing.

    The reason it is being done is because this panel has existing underground conduit installed into it that need to be used to connect the remote panel and the field devices without additional costly trenching work.

    Sounds good to me. If you look you probably will find the same thing on you campus somewhere.
    You have qualified electrical personnel?