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0-10 Vdc power supply

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    I went ahead and ordered the unit I had posted a link too simply because we are under the gun to get this fixed and i couldn't find necessary parts on hand to make something. Basically the machine runs as such: a corrugating machine with 2 OEM manufacturers sending various signals between each to control their respective sections. OEM A is supposed to send a 0-10Vdc signal to OEM B which modifies the speed of the machine to 0-1000 fpm during a splice condition (our machine can't go faster than 350 fpm). However, the signal can be continuous as OEM B only looks at the signal when a splice occurs. Although a 0-5Vdc range is completely adequate I wanted to make sure I can supply 0-10V as that is original design.

    Gar: I will find the prints and see about the type of input to determine if it is isolated or not.

    As i stated we don't have parts on hand for this so order parts to make something or order a unit ready to go was my options here.