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Swimming Pool Pump GFCI Breaker

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    Swimming Pool Pump GFCI Breaker

    So, figuring pool pump is 2 hp 230 VAC 1PH with integral thermal protection. From table 430.238. FLC is 12 amps. Historically, we sized the branch circuit at 20 amps and used 12 awg THHN (125% of 12 amps is 18 amps upsized to 20 amp breaker). 680.21 recently started requiring GFCI breakers on pump branch circuit of 15 or 20 amps. These breakers are relatively expensive compared to standard non-GFCI breakers.

    Without making any other changes to the branch circuit, including not upgrading the wire size from 12 awg, we are considering upsizing the breakers for the pool pump circuit from 20 amp GFCI to 30 amp non-GFCI (specifically SqD HOM230). We are justifying this change with table 430.52 (which seems to indicate that we could go as high as 12 amps x 800%, actually I am not sure if Homeline breaker is time inverse or instantaneous trip - it is probably time inverse so the math would be 250% x 12 amps or 30 amps) and the fact that the pump motors used have a built in thermal protection circuit per 430.32A(2).

    Would you agree with my interpretation of NEC in this application?

    Yes I have seen ec's use 25 amp breakers and be compliant but do you really want to take that risk. I think I would use the gfci and cover my end.
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