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Grandfather Clause for working space clearances.

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    Originally posted by GOZ View Post
    Oil and blending additives are in the piping. I have been here 5 years and there has been a couple incidents of "Wash down". You are correct in the design not rated for the environment. Oil mist is a problem that I have raised concern about several times yet $2mil is a hard pill for corporate to swallow for the upgrade needed. Needless to say they are dragging their heels on it and looking for cheaper avenues.
    Did anyone tell them that if a worker is ever killed and that reduced workspace is a contributing factor they may pay that much in fines and lawsuits, plus spend the 2 million anyway when forced to change things
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      Originally posted by GOZ View Post
      I actually ended up contacting NFPA. I was able to purchase a downloadable copy of the code book for $30. To settle anyone's curiosity. The code for working space clearances then is the same as our current edition. Condition 2 applies in my case and was a violation that must have gotten overlooked. Some of the employees currently working here today all vouch for the piping always being in its location. I am happy to have solid information to back up one of my concerns. Thank you all for helping me. Always impressed by the knowledge and generosity of the members on this site.
      may have been, but when the inspector was there, betcha a cheeseburger that
      those hoses and that spill trough were nowhere to be seen.

      it'd be one thing if it was an infrequently used situation, like a drain for an
      annual purge of a system or something, but those look pretty permanent.

      i've seen fittings that were 180 degree attachments in food prep, that
      could be used to keep the hoses directed away from the MCC.

      depending on the working pressure, you might also consider some
      fabricated SS process pipe made to fit, so there was a tight back
      to back 90 connecting the ports. that would work if you don't have
      to reconfigure them....
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